Restaurants we recommend


Address: Calle 5ta #515 e/ Paseo y 2. Vedado

Phone number: (+53) 78362025

Atelier is in a wooden roofed house in El Vedado.  Various and different spaces have been arranged to accommodate guests, either inside or outside visiting Atelier is a guaranteed success. The unusual decoration provides the place with a romantic and inviting atmosphere.
The highly qualified chefs artfully create dishes for the enjoyment of all palates.


Address: Aguiar # 22 e/ Pena Pobre y Avenida de las Misiones. Habana Vieja.

Phone number: (+53) 78662418

Wonderful place that ennobles the colonial architecture in its simplicity along with a decoration that pays homage to the marvelous XX century Cuban artists.
The friendly atmosphere welcomes all and the stylized traditional Cuban food and the excellent international and Cuban cocktails are to be praised.
Seating inside or in the middle of Aguiar, a car free street, visiting this Café is a worthwhile experience.


Address: Calle M # 257 e/ 19 y 21. Vedado

Phone number: (+53) 78326890

Café Laurent has to offer to its guests besides its ocean and city view from its terrace an out of the ordinary decoration and atmosphere.

Highly placed, this restaurant and bar insists on pleasing the most demanding guests with its Author´s cuisine focused on highlighting textures, flavors and the wonderful dishes prepared with fish and fresh seafood.

Everything has been planned to make guests feel at home.


Address: Calle B e/ 1ra y 3ra. Vedado

Phone number: (+53) 78371220

This Snack Café serves any purpose; meeting with friends, family or business affairs. Photography rules the decoration of the place, good music and excellent cocktails. At Corner Café you may have breakfast, tapas and delicatessen.
Live music is played at night some days of the week.


Address: Calle 26 e/ 11 y 13. Vedado

Phone number: (+53) 78322355

The old oil factory "El Cocinero" has been rescued from abandonment to be turned into an unusual and one of the best restaurants in Havana.
The dynamic between this place and the next-door Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) creates a synergy to be enjoyed.
The restaurant has been decorated with black and white photos. Chill out music or Jazz are played. Dishes and service are top quality.
The terrace allows guest to eat while enjoying a warm sunset.


Address: Paseo No. 7 e/1ra y 3ra. Vedado

Phone number: (+53) 78302287

HM7 is located in the Vedado neighborhood, across for the Cohiba Hotel.
It prides itself on being a gourmet restaurant with a unique menu ranging from much elaborated seafood dishes to succulent meat cuts, South African style. While sipping a glass of wine or a Cuban cocktail you may enjoy the preparation of your dish through the panoramic kitchen that provides a cooking show for the guests.


Address: Aguacate # 9 esquina Chacón. Habana Vieja.

Phone number: (+53) 78639697

An old house from the 1700´s considered heritage of the city shelter a world of interesting antiques hanging from the walls and ceiling providing the place with a rare charm.

Unexpected recipes and dishes are prepared with the best and freshest products of the market every day for the delight of the visitors.


Address: Calle 23 # 667 e/ E y D. Vedado

Phone number: (+53) 78330556

In the heart of El Vedado, right on the well-known 23 street, King Bar offers an alternative design for the senses.

Guests won´t be exempted from being impressed despite its central location. Under the shade of giant mango tree and the whisper of the running water, a bucolic atmosphere has been created and pleasantly harmonized with instrumental music.

Smoked smell from the fish, meat or vegetables cooked on the grill lingers in the air.

La Esperanza

Address: Calle 16 # 105 e/ 1ra y 3ra. Miramar.

Phone number: (+53) 72024361

An elegant mansion located in the residential neighborhood of Miramar brings back for all the traditional Cuban cuisine. Recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Several rooms have been decorated with antiques and an ample terrace with exuberant vegetation provides a fresh and enchanting ambiance.


Address: Concordia # 418 e/ Gervasio y Escobar. Centro Habana

Phone number: (+53) 78669047

If one restaurant in Havana is well known and most visited is "La Guarida"
A decadent, ruined small palace houses on its first floor this restaurant. While climbing the marble stairs guests may see through the windows and life of the apartments and people coexisting in the premises.

Meticulously and daring dishes can be tasted during an unforgettable experience!


Address: Mercaderes # 207 entre Lamparilla y Amargura. Habana Vieja

Phone number: (+53) 78612437

Located on Mercaderes Street, one of the oldest in Havana, this typical XIX century colonial house has a world of things to be enjoyed.

From the stained glasses, murals, paintings, originals floors, classical live music and the traditional and international cuisine standing out fresh seafood are treats to revel in.


Address: Calle 17 esquina E. Vedado

Phone number: (+53) 78320433

Fresh, new and modern space where good service and taste are mixed to welcome guests.
International high quality cuisine paired with innovative cocktails.

Perfect for dancing and have a good time!


Address: Calle 9na  e/ E y F. Vedado

Phone number: (+53) 78320178

For good music and excellent food lovers, this place will be a perfect choice.
Comfort and nice taste lead the decoration. Fast and professional service rules in VipHavana.

The rich and delicious Spanish cuisine has found a spot of its own here.


Address: Zulueta # 252 e/ Animas y Virtudes. Habana Vieja

Phone number: (+53) 78667157

A careful and well planned renovation brought back the Sloppy Joe´s Bar back to Havana’s life. A place full of memories of those who visited over half a century.

The Sloppy is, no doubt about it, the liquors best furnished and one of the most elegant bars in the city.


Address: Obispo # 557 esquina Monserrate. Habana Vieja.

Phone number: (+53) 78671300/01

Visiting Havana without stopping at this emblematic bar for a Daiquiri is unthinkable.
A pleiad of stars have paraded at ¨El Floridita¨ during almost two hundred years.
Hemingway made this bar and restaurant his favorite spot for sipping the refreshing and famous Daiquiri. A bronze statue of him leaning on the bar is a picture everybody takes home.
The place is always packed with a real mix of people drinking, singing or dancing along with a Traditional Cuban music band.
An exquisite international and seafood menu prepared by professional chefs are offered at the restaurant.


Address: Calle 9na esquina  74, Playa.  La Habana

Phone number: (+53) 52559091

Corte del Principe has become one of the best and most visited private restaurants in Havana. It is located few blocks from 5th Avenue in the Miramar residential neighborhood.

It offers a high quality Italian cuisine, like tagliatelle funghi porcini, gamberi and zucchine, alla marinara… that can be savored along with wines, cocktails or any other drinks of your preference.

There is a smokers area while tables have been arranged at plein air for the enjoyment of the guests.

Prices are reasonable and the service attentive and fast.


Address: Malecón  e/ K y L. Vedado

Phone number: (+53) 78302201

El Litoral is a private restaurant set up in the privileged Malecon seafront line of houses overlooking the sea.

Indulge yourself by visiting this stylish and modern restaurant that has been decorated resembling the interior of an elegant vessel.

Its cold antipasto table is unique in the city. A combination of a refined service and a fusion (Author´s, Design) and Seafood cuisine will provide a great delight for the discerning palate.


Address: Calle 17 entre M y N Edificio Focsa Piso 33. Vedado

 Phone number: (+53) 78383088/ (+53) 78383089

One of the best views of Havana and its coastline, if not the best! This restaurant is on the 33 floor of the Focsa building in the center of Vedado neighborhood. This building from the 1950´s was pioneer for its construction system

At 121 meters above sea level, you may enjoy French and Cuban dishes served by a professional team willing to please you.

Don´t miss a sunset at La Torre while enjoying a refreshing Cuban cocktail or a nice glass of wine.


Address: Calle 17 No. 302 (altos) entre 2 y 4, Vedado, La Habana

Phone number: +53 7 8312433

Located in the first floor of a beautiful building of 1919 that has been carefully restored, in the coffee Madrigal you will find surrounded of works of art, photographs and original artifacts related with the film.

The owner of the coffee Madrigal, is the filmmaker Cuban Rafael Rosales, that has worked in the industry film during more than 20 years and that has achieved create an environment in which the own Ernest Hemingway is would feel as in house.


Address: Malecón #25 e/ Prado y Cárcel. Centro Habana.

Phone number: (+53) 78602947

This Slavic restaurant located on Malecon honors with its cuisine, decoration and atmosphere the bonds between the Cuban and the Soviet Union people and the offspring born from that love.

Nazdarovie is word said during dinner or a celebration and means "to your health" or as it is said in North America, Cheers!

The wonderful flavors of the Eastern Europe cuisine are offered in this little spot in the Caribbean.


Address: Calle 240A entre 3raC y Rio. Jaimanitas.

Phone number: (+53) 72724998

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, El Santy stands for its simple construction, a wooden blue house by the sea; its aisles resemble those of a boat and maritime artifacts and paintings decorate the place.

With a friendly service and an assorted Japanese cuisine fused and prepared  with local fresh fish and seafood , El Santy will make you come back every time you´re in town.


Address: Barcelona, esquina Industria No. 502. Habana Vieja.  

 Phone number: (+53) 78674084

Little but cozy place right in the heart of the Old Historic Center of Havana, few steps from the Capitol and other important landmarks of Havana.

A cozy and comfortable place to relax along with friends or family.

A nice and authentic menu is offered along with wines, cocktails and the likes. The Sia Kara salad and pork recipes are well kept secrets of the Chefs.


Address: Calle 29 No.205 e/ B y C. Vedado

Phone number: (+53) 78300711

A two-story mansion built in the 30´s and located in El Vedado houses Starbien. This private restaurant with an elegant and at the same time informal ambiance provides different areas to accommodate varied preferences: an open-air terrace or a nice bar with a panoramic view of the city where fusion cuisine combined with traditional recipes and modern techniques can be enjoyed.


Address: Avenida del Puerto esquina Narciso Lopez. Habana Vieja.

Phone number: (+53) 78668807

Facing the seafront and located on the Old Havana, "El Templete" is a Spanish restaurant and an art gallery at the same time.
For many years has been the favorite place of many Cubans and foreigners residing in the island.
An artful Spanish chef is the star that rules the wonders that emanate from the kitchen.
Eclectic, innovative and solid can be called the attractive dishes created which go in perfect pairing with the wines offered by the house.



Address: Callejon del Chorro # 60, Plaza de la Catedral. Habana Vieja

Phone number: (+53) 783611332

Located on a dead end short street on the Cathedral Square, this little but charming restaurant offers a family atmosphere and way of cooking that reminds us comfort food.
The place was named after a lady who used to cooked for the famous Cuban artists who worked at the Experimental Graphics Workshop next door.
Cuban, simple and cooked with love food to savor in an eclectic homey place.


Address: Calle 3ra y Final # 11. (La Puntilla) Miramar.

Phone number: (+53) 72094338

Famous and praised by all who visits it.
"Rio Mar" means River Sea, and this is due to its location, exactly where the Almendares river meets the sea.
This out of the way restaurant has been decorated in a modern, elegant and refined way.  A terrace by the water sets the mood for the indulgent experience to come.
Refined and attentive service complements the Fusion, Author´s and Design Cuban cuisine.