La Habana (Havana), capital city of Cuba and its most populated one. It is seated on the north coast bathed by the Caribbean, which has granted her the name of “Blue City”. Havana is always a must when traveling to Cuba; just this visit will prove worthwhile. Even the most discerning traveler will find it enchanting, eclectic and bewildering. Allow yourself to fall in love with this bewitching amalgam of people, architecture, music and history. Strolling along its seafront wall, narrow streets or wide and clear avenues will leave you completely exposed to the emanating energy that in an indescribable way will make comeback.  



The proximity of the green westernmost province of Pinar del Rio to Havana makes it a pleasing must for all nature lovers. This province holds some reserves of the biosphere. When traveling westward the very first idea coming to our minds is El Valle de Viñales. The scenic and primeval landscape of the Valley ringed by the Cordillera de Guaniguanico, a mountain range, the limestone hillocks, mogotes, like huge elephants profusely scattered all over, along with the green and reddish–colored patches, the calming breeze and the warming sun on your face will tune your inner self with the greatness of nature.

Going southwest, you’ll be delighted to the sight of a vega. A visit to the world famous tobacco plantations will be a treat you cannot refuse, and if you’re a cigar lover you will indulge yourself by lightening one while sipping a Cuban cup of coffee.  



Trinidad will be a unique experience. By exploring its historic center you will be immersed into a city trapped in the Colonial times. Its well-preserved pastel-colored houses and a peaceful strolling along its cobblestone traffic-free streets make one wonders whether the clock has stopped its tick-tock.

A visit to El Valle the los Ingenios will prove worthwhile and enchanting; this valley once owned by the sugar barons still displays traces of the riches amassed once. 



Cienfuegos, named by the Cubans as “The Pearl of the South”, was founded by French settlers in the XIX century. This seaboard city owes its luminosity to its dramatically wide bay. Neoclassicism nestled in the sober and elegant buildings, boulevards and mansions. Among many other attractions and sites, a visit to the Botanical Garden will allow you the enjoyment of a large collection of exotic plants.


Santa Clara

Santa Clara, capital city of Villa Clara province lies in the center of the island. Its most prominent site is the Memorial “Comandante Che Guevara”, the mausoleum where Che’s remains were laid to rest is part of group of facilities. A dominant bronze sculpture of Che overlooks the square. 



Varadero Beach is located on the Hicacos Peninsula in the province of Matanzas. Along its 20 km of length holds a large quantity of hotels and tourist facilities. This uninterrupted strip of sparkling white sand kissed by the sun and embraced by a dazzling blue beach is an unavoidable stop for sea lovers coming to Cuba.