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Traveling to Cuba with us will enhance your opportunity of uncovering the myth surrounding the island and its people. Through our cultural tours, you will go along its streets and among its inhabitants experiencing their warmth and charisma. You will dive into Cuban history and appreciate its architecture. Night life and live music will make your body and spirit shake. You will meet famous painters, musicians, dancers, and many more. Join us on this people to people cultural adventure.


Here you can find the basic tips and info you need to know at the time of deciding a trip Cuba, but our team will be always pleased to answer you all the question you have, please contact us.

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Three of our most popular journeys! Ask us for tailor made, we are specialized in a la carte itineraries.


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Check the list of hotels and private villas we recommend, our list is based on the experiences of our clients.

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Find why we are the best caribbean destination

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